Working with Tasks

Staying organized and keeping track of your tasks is key to keeping your sales moving and making sure you win those deals! What better way is there to stay organized than by creating tasks and reminders.

A Task represents any action on your part towards the closing of a sale. It can be a phone call, an email or a reminder to do something for the customer. Whatever it is, you can assign it to a deal and yourself, set a due date and add notes. 

Every morning you will get an automated email that will summarize the list of your daily tasks that are assigned to you and it will also include a list of any overdue tasks that have not yet been completed.

In this Article:

  1. Tasks List View
  2. Create a New Task
  3. Scheduling a Task 
  4. Completing a Task

Tasks List View

The Tasks List View can be accessed by clicking Tasks on the top menu bar. 
The Tasks List View is where you will be able to view the list of all the Tasks that need to be completed. 
The Tasks List View is a very important page to help you keep organized, you’re now able to plan your day better by knowing what exactly you need to do in order to win those deals. You can filter and sort tasks by status, when it’s due and you can also use the filter function to see your colleagues tasks (in case you need to help them out!)

Create a New Task

Tasks can be created in many ways.
From the Detail View of a Deal
  • When in the Detail View of a Deal, you can add a task by clicking on the Add Task button that is found in the timeline card - to immediately schedule a task for that deal, and keep all of your information consistent. 
From the Tasks List View
  • When in the Tasks List View itself, you can quickly add a task by clicking on the Add Task button. Adding tasks makes sure you’re able to stay aware of all actions you need to take in the immediate future.

Scheduling a Task

Scheduling tasks is the best way to make sure you’ll always follow up on your deals. The Add Task dialog box will present you with all the fields necessary to schedule your task and we’ll notify you when it’s time to complete the task.

Completing a Task

Once you’ve created some tasks, all you need to do is complete them to keep moving along the road to sales success. 
You can mark a task as ‘ done’ in two ways:
  1. From the tasks list view you can bulk select tasks by clicking on the Checkbox on the left of the status and mark them as done.
  2. From the tasks dialog box where you can tap the Grey slider at the end to mark as done, don’t forget to hit the green Save Button, you’ll receive a confirmation message that the tasks have been updated successfully!

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