Working with Deals

In Felix, the ongoing transaction that you are pursuing with a customer is tracked as a Deal, which is processed through the various stages of the sales process until it is either Won or Lost. 

Deals contain all of the action taken towards the closing of a sale. Deals will also pull all information from the Customer that they are associated with, which you can find in the Detail View of a Deal. 

  • Deals are associated with a Customer. 
  • Deals track all events and movements that take place throughout your sales process. 
  • Since a Deal is connected to a Customer, any action you perform on a Deal will also be associated with the Customer its connected to.
  • The progress on the stage of the deals in your account is tracked in the Deal List View. 
  • Deals can be imported in bulk, please get in touch to know more!

In this Article:

  1. Deal List View
  2. Detail View of a Deal
  3. Create a New Deal

Deals List View

The Deals List View can be accessed by clicking on Deals on the top menu bar. 
The Deal List View is where you will be able to view the list of all Deals, the details of the opportunity and its size, who its assigned to, when it was created and last updated. 
More importantly, you’re able to filter deals based on the stage that they are in the sales funnel and based on the user assigned to the deal along with any specific date range.

Detail View of a Deal

Clicking on a Deal will take you to the Detail View of that Deal. 
The Detail View of a Deal displays all of the relevant contact information, as well as all tasks, emails, notes, actions and documents in regards to the deal.
The following cards are shown in the Detail View of a particular Deal:
  1. Deal Info card shows the summary of the deal and the email addresses that you’d wish to include for that deal.
  2. Customer Profile card shows the customer name, nationality, gender, date of birth and their contact details.
  3. Driving Profile card shows the information of the driving record attached to that particular customer. 
  4. Deal Info card shows you the information of that deal such as the enquiry type, the vehicle type, details of the current insurance coverage and more.
  5. Workspace card shows you who the deal is assigned to, the various stages of the pipeline that the deal could be sitting in. It is within this workspace that you create and send quotes, orders and policies to your customer. 
  6. Timeline card shows you a changelog of information for updates made to that deal's stage or status, or value. You’re able to filter the information according to the following categories.
    • All - All scheduled activities and notes are shown here with quick action buttons to Add a Note, Task or Document to the deal.
    • Tasks - Any tasks that is attached to the deal is shown here. 
    • Notes - In the notes section we’re filtering and showing you all the notes attached to this customer.
    • Documents - In the documents section you’ll be able to find all the documents attached to this customer.

Create a New Deal

Deals can be added into your Felix account in several ways.
From the Deal List View
  • You can add a Deal through the Add Deal dialog box - which pops up when you click on the Add Deal button on the Deal List View page -  doing it this way allows you to create one deal at a time and note all the specific information - like the Customer and Deal Info - that should live in that deal.
From the Detail View of a Customer
  • When you’re in the Detail View of one of your Customers, you can choose to create a new deal for that customer easily by clicking on the Create a New Deal button, doing it this way will create a new deal and carry over that customer’s information to the deal.
From your Customized Online Application Form
  • If your Company has their own online application form then we can pull the information that the customers fill on that form and automatically create a deal in your account. Please get in touch to find out more!

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