Working with Customers

In Felix - and most things related to sales - you need a customer before you can do much else. Customers are the people that you are selling to from Felix. 

These customers form the backbone of the sales process, and any information relating to each customer - like scheduled activities, deals or policies - will be tracked in the Detail View of that Customer. 

  • Customers can have multiple deals assigned to them at the same time. 
  • Customers can have multiple policies assigned to them at the same time. 
  • Customer records can be merged in the event of duplicate records.

In this Article:

  1. Customer List View
  2. Detail View of a Customer
  3. Create a New Customer

Customer List View

The Customer List View can be accessed by clicking Customers on the top menu bar. 
The Customer List View is where you will be able to view the list of all customers and a snapshot of their contact details and when the customer record was created and last updated. You’re able to sort the customer list according to your preference. 
More importantly, by using the global search function you’re able to find a customer record with just a few characters of either their name, phone number or email address.

Detail View of a Customer

Clicking on a Customer Name will take you to the Detail View of that Customer. 
The Detail View of a Customer contains any information about that person contact, like that person's email address or phone number. It also contains information about any deal or policy associated with that customer.
The following cards are shown in the Detail View of a Customer.
  1. Customer Profile card shows the customer name, nationality, gender, date of birth and their contact details.
  2. Driving Profile card shows the information of the driving record attached to that particular customer. 
  3. Open Deals and Policies card shows the information of the current open deals and active policies attached to that particular customer.
  4. Timeline card shows you a changelog of when that contact was added to Felix, what deals and policies have been made in their name, any relevant documents attached to that customer, and lastly any notes or tasks associated to that customer. We’ve filtered all the interactions on a particular customer in the following categories:
    • All - All scheduled activities and notes are shown here with quick action buttons to Add a Note or Document to the customer.
    • Notes - In the notes section we’re showing you all the notes attached to this customer.
    • Documents - In the documents section you’ll be able to find all the documents attached to this customer.
    • Deals - In the deals section you’ll be able to see all Open, Won or Lost deals that are associated with this customer.
    • Policies - In the policies section you’ll be able to see all Policies that are associated with this customer and whether they are currently Active or Expired

Create a New Customer

Customers can be added into your Felix account in several ways.
From the Deal List View
  • You can add a Customer through the Add Deal dialog box - which pops up when you click on the Add Deal button on the Deal List View page -  doing it this way will create both a deal and a customer record simultaneously.
From the Customer List View
  • You can add a Customer through the Customer List View page by clicking on the Add Customer button. This will create only one customer record and the name is the only mandatory piece of information to create the record quickly.
From your Customized Online Application Form
  • If your Company has their own online application form then we can pull the customer information from that form and automatically create a customer record in your account. Please get in touch to find out more!

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